About Us

BandBaajaBaaraat is a traditional BandBaajaBaaraat from Mumbai India. The Band was founded by Late. Shri. Nivrutti V. Shinde. The band consists of musicians from a variety of musical backgrounds ranging from Bhangra to Jazz and Classical, they play a range of instruments including, trumpets, trombones, saxophones, dhol players and percussionists.The concept behind the band is based on traditional brass bands from the Indian sub-continent called Band Baja’s. Band Baja’s have become part of the Indian culture and play an essential role at any high profile event, they are regularly seen marching through the towns and villages dressed in their military outfits.

BandBaajaBaaraat have created their own unique style by combining popular Indian melodies together with the powerful rhythms of the dhol, they dress in eye catching outfits and have the versatility to perform processions on the streets as well as being able to play on a stage.




BandBaajaBaaraat serving clients from 1971 and providing the best brand service in Mumbai and other parts of the country. The band is worked with various big films in the film industry.Indian People are very aggressive to involve brass band into their occasions & celebrates all occasions with brass band starting from child birth to marriage, any other religious program like Shobha Yatra, Ganeshutsav, Diwali, Holi & many more. Their expectations are much more for occasions. They love this music and enjoying their occasions specially Marriage, can’t imagine Baaraat without brass band, that sounds is very joyful & energetic .People get lot of energy to dance by this sound.